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Why you need Calendly

Why use calendly

Most people spend a lot of time trying to schedule meetings with their clients. This takes a lot of time and ends up stifling productivity. Fortunately meeting scheduling apps solve this problem. One of the most effective of these is Calendly.

Calendly is a easy to use and delivers a lot of tools that help create an effective booking experience. The following are the reasons why you need to use Calendly as your scheduling tool :

Easy to use

The booking page for Calendly is attractive, clean and simple.This makes it easy to operate for the client when booking. The booking page and is well labeled. There is less chance of an a person abandoning the booking process due to an unclear booking process

The backend interface is uncluttered and well labeled. There is a minimalistic feel on how the backend was created. The first thing that steepens the learning curve is cluttered and unclear backend of the apps. Its easy to navigate and setup the backend .

Calendly has created a comprehensive help section which helps explains any problems you might face. If the help section does not provided the needed solution there are tons of videos on You Tube that can help you setup. A Calendly course is also available on Udemy for those who would like to learn step by step.

If you do run into a challenge in using there are plenty of experts that can assist to solve any issue on Fiverr.

Powerful Functions

Calendly delivers a ton of powerful functions which are useful setting up the scheduling experience for your client. These functions also help you to manage your schedule efficiently. The following are the functions that are available for use :

  • Scheduling pages with multiple meetings.
  • Ability to add multiple calendars for the same users.
  • Meeting Types : One-on-one Meetings , Group Events , Collective Events and round robin events .
  • Integrations with Zoom, Microsoft teams , Hubspot ,Zapier ,Paypal ,Stripe among others.
  • meeting links that expire.
  • Multiple availability Schedules.
  • Confirmation , Reminder ,cancellation ,follow up emails (Workflows).
  • Texts reminders.
  • Teams.
  • Ability to collect payments on booking.
  • Forms to collect information during booking .
  • Ability to upload logo and avatar
  • Links for use
  • Ability to Embed Calendly directly into your website.
  • Customizable emails and texts ,with merge fields.


This tool is quite affordable compared to other softwares. Calendly offers different packages which start a free package with limited functions. The next packages costs $8 per seat per month.

The higher packages are still in the affordable range. These offer more functionality. To see more about the price please visit the pricing page here.

Can accept payments

If you provide online services like consultancy ,tutoring or online sessions through video conferencing this would be a good tool ,especially if you want to collect payments.

Calendly allows a person to collect a payment before a booking is done.The payment platforms which are supported are Paypal and Stripe

Supports Teams

Companies usually have a lot of employees that will need access to scheduling services.Calendly allows users to be added to one account .

This allows setup ,billing and control of the usage of Calendly to be centralized. There are packages which are specialized for large organizations and these are the “teams” and “enterprise” packages .One of the most sort after Teams function is the Round Robin function. It allows clients to be automatically allocated to team members who deal with clients directly.

Who can make use of calendly?

Anyone can make use of Calendly.The following businesses and professions can make use of it among others :

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Private Tutors
  • Customer centers
  • Hairdressers and barbers
  • Gym instructors
  • Consultants
  • Expos


This tool will save your time and increase your productivity. Give it a try. Calendly offers a 14 day trial period with all the functions available! if you liked this article please leave a comment .Also visit my you You Tube page

Below are a few links that out will find useful.

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